How Does Color Affect Interior Design

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Literature Review:

Psychology of color combinations effects in interior design

It is recognized that color has a strong psychological effect on human reactions. (Pale, J, 1997). Color and light are the main factors in man-made environments. There is no doubt that they have a strong impact on psychological and physiological well-being. We cannot assume that the only role of light and color is to provide tolerable lighting and a pleasant environment. Although color vision does not appear in animal life forms, radiative energy and its spectral component still provide various psychological processes in each type of organism. For example: radiant energy is apparently vital to plant growth (Mahanke, F, 1993).

Color quantity should
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According to theorists' notes, the effect of warm and cool color to human personality and reaction feeling. Warm color goes to excitement, an open-minded person, but the cool color goes to calm down, and human introversion.

Meaning of Warm, Cool and Neutral Colour:
Warm colors: In everyday life, we usually talk about warm greeting, warm friendship and warm atmosphere. In terms of color, the shapes on the warm side of the color circle are generally understood as comfortable, warm and pleasant. Experience has shown that the warm color in space provides more comfortable space rather than cold color (Pyle, J, 1997).

Cool color: those that give a feeling of coolness or calmness. These colors are green, blue and violet are on the cool side of the circle. These colors give a feeling of relaxation and calm. Cole's color may become depressed and negative in psychological effect.

Neutral color: white, black, gray in this category. They are between cool and warm and have a less intense psychological effect. This color may sound very boring but in a positive perspective, it is used in practicality with minimal emotional content. Color tones are also neutral color, such as brown, beige and tans are also neutral colors (Homi, Ed,

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