Color Guard Competition Essay

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Last year it was in the middle of febuary, the weather was not so cold but it was decent. On Satuday I had my first official color guard competition. We had to go to the Dekalb High School in Auburn and we performed in the gymnasium. Me , my guard members and some of my family were all there.

So it was about 9.00 in the morning and I had to go to my school to reherse our routine. After that we were loading up to get on the bus. Once I got on the bus i got to sit with my friend Emily. The bus ride took 45 minutes to get to the high school. While we were on the bus my stomach started to hurt and I was shaking in nervousness. Our outfits that we wore were a pair of black leggings and a black shirt with a pink heart on it. I was very excited but nervous at the same time.

When we got to the school we went inside and got our stamps. After that we all went to our practice room and unloaded our flags and props. Once we got situated we did a few warm ups to get us ready and we also practiced our routine one more time before we got on stage. Then we went to the gym and all my family and a bunch of other people were on the bleachers. So then they called our school guard name and we had to
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As we got in the music I did the wrong part of the routine and I had to try and catch up with the group. Once our show was done we went to the bleachers to watch the other school’s routines. When all the routines were done we had to get ready for the awards. Me and my guard members huddled around and crossed our fingers hoping we would get a reward. A few minutes later the band director called our school’s name to go to the stage. So we got to the stage they gave us a silver ribbon and a plaque. We were all so happy that we won something. Me and my friends were jumping in excitement and i thought we all did a great job in the show and it is best to never give up and do your best at
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