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As a proud member of the Mercedes Tiger Band color guard and drill team, a lifetime goal for me would be to join a marching band and/or college dance team. Coming into high school I never thought my passion would be to be performing in front of hundreds of people every Friday Night for four years. It has become my passion and it brings me much joy to perform and have the time of my life on that football field. I have had an amazing four years participating in many extracurricular activities but I have found that my biggest passion is colorguard. I have grown to love the sport. The reason for joining colorguard was because I stopped playing my instrument in junior high so I couldn’t march. The only other way to join the band was by joining colorguard. The reason for joining was because of a boy and I really liked him so I wanted to join to get to know him better. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out but I’m forever grateful for joining because it helped me find who i truly was and it helped me find my true passion.…show more content…
I have had dance experience from the drill team and have been a member for four years. I am also in color guard, and have been for three years. Out of those three years we have gotten two Division 1’s. My junior year in high school I was the captain of the team and we got best color guard. My senior year I did not try out because of my busy schedule, but i regret not making more time for it. It is my passion and the band advanced to area this year. Another extracurricular activity I enjoy is Winter Guard, which is all color guard members and no band members. I have been in Winter Guard for two years and I will be going on my third year this year. The first year we got sixth place at State and I was captain my junior year as well. I feel like I have previous experiences and current events that will help me in college and am very excited to join a college
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