Color Imagination Research Paper

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Stewart, M. (2011). Launching the imagination (4th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Original designs are typically done in black and white. When color is added, these designs become better and more complex. The designs attract attention due to the great visual and emotional force that color gives. With color, conceptual complexity and compositional strength can be added (Stewart, 2011, p. 2-0).

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Smith, K. (2010). Color: Meaning, Symbolism, and Psychology. Retrieved from
Smith (2010) believes that "our reaction to color is instantaneous and subliminal." Colors attract people's attention. The following psychological responses are based on research,
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They applied Dobzhansky's viewpoint about color preference and conducted an experiment on color preference. It is said that people are more likely to live on if they are attracted to things with colors that "look good" to them and avoid things with colors that don't "look good". A person will like a color more if that particular color is related with a positive experience. The psychologists believed that people should like colors which are linked with the clear sky and clean water, and be disgusted with colors linked to negative reactions. They tested their theory that human color preference is adaptive and concluded that color preferences derive from our preference for the objects that usually have these colors. Scientists also found out that culture also has an influence on color preference given that Japanese color preference differ from American color preference (Fields,…show more content…
Red draws attention to the wearer. It is a perfect color for going on a date since it is the color of passion and romance. This color also stimulates the appetite for junk food (Basine, 2009).

Orange also draws attention as well as energy. However, it is gentler than the intense red. This color is hard to pull off for some skin tones. But if it worked out well, it will give a positive and energetic aura (Basine, 2009).
Yellow can cheer up the wearer. It is also the color of intelligence and inspiration, so wearing it might help in acing up an exam (Basine, 2009).
Green is one of the most popular shades during spring. This color is refreshing and soothing. Wearing it might help the wearer to feel relaxed (Basine, 2009).
The color blue can also make the wearer feel more relaxed. However, blue can also make the wearer more "blue" or sadder. It can also encourage creativity when worn (Basine, 2009).
Purple is the color of creativity and luxury. It is also regal and sophisticated. Just like red, it can boost the energy level. It is also associated with spirituality and intuition. If worn, it might help the wearer in making decisions (Basine,
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