Color In L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

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In the novel "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum color is used to play a huge role and symbolize many things. One role color plays in the novel is how it is used to separate the different countries/factions. One thing color symbolizes in the novel is The Yellow Brick Road and the meaning behind it. Another thing color symbolizes in the novel is Emerald City and the meaning behind it. Baum uses color throughout the entire novel to play key roles and symbolize major poeple places and events.

In the novel Baum uses colors to separate the different counties. To the west are the Winkies, represented by the color yellow. To the east are the Munchkins, represented by the color blue. To the south are the Quadlings, represented by the color red. Finally in the middle of it all is
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In the story it is the path Dorothy is told to take to lead to Emerald City and the wizard. The use of yellow by Baum is meant to be a representation of the gold standard in the United States at the time. Emerald city is the representation of the United States and their power at the time. Therefore following the yellow brick road, Gold, would lead you to power. Also, Baum following the patterns of the color wheel, it he makes Dorothy walk on a yellow road through a blue countryside to a green city. The color yellow greatly symbolizes the meaning behind the yellow brick road.

In the novel color is also used to symbolize Emerald City. In the story Emerald City is the Jewel of Oz/the capitol of Oz. Baum uses green the represent Emerald city because green symbolizes money and Washington D.C.. The residents of Emerald City are forced to wear green spectacles because the city it "too bright with power" and they would not be able to be in the city without them. This is used by the wizard to keep up the illusion of his power. The wizard symbolizes the politicians of Washington and how the use green, money, to control the

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