Color In Pleasantville

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Pleasantville is about two teenagers who magically gets drawn into the 1950s fictional, black-and-white television sitcom. In Pleasantville, David and Jennifer are forced to take on the roles of Bud and Mary-Sue. As they play along in the perfect and pure little town of Pleasantville, their presence soon affects the town and makes drastic changes. Mary Sue gets in a relationship with Skip the star basketball player and exposes him to sex. Prior to that the show showed her mother and father sleeping in two twin size beds but that magically turns in to one. As the citizens of Pleasantville discover sex, art, books, music and the concept of nonconformity, color erupts in their black-and-white world. Color in Pleasantville is symbolism for change and enlightenment. Color spreads throughout the town and threatening the Mayor to rid of the sinful/tainted colors, and change Pleasantville back to what it once was. These reminds me of conservatives who are stuck and their ways and believes we should stay in the “good ole times” but those times are when we were most ignorant. The film also covertly represented the double standard for men and…show more content…
During that time, they lived in strict gender roles. The father went off to work and the mother tended to the children. The brother was the leader on wore manly clothes; while the sister was meek, wore prissy dresses, and played with dolls. These ideas and roles are what reflected Pleasantville before they were enlightened. Pleasantville shows great symbolism in our culture because we are able to break out of those borders and boundaries that set us back we then are able to learn and know more. Routinely doing actions and getting stuck in our ways has never moved us as a society. Creating new ways and adopting new ideas are what brings growth. This soft universalism makes us seek global common ground between multiple
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