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In 2007, Danny Boyle created a movie that could represent the future of the earth. In Sunshine, the sun is dying, which jeopardizes all life on Earth. The Sun warms the seas, generates the weather patterns, and gives energy to the growing plants that provide the food and oxygen for life on Earth. In Sunshine, the plot follows the 8 person crew of the Icarus II. In 2050, Icarus is the name given to the first human space mission to approach the sun in order to place a bomb into it and reignite it so that it doesn 't die out. The first Icarus was a failure and disappeared without a trace, unable to complete the mission. It 's now 2057, and the crew on the Icarus II are the last chance of saving the earth and resurrecting the sun. To make the…show more content…
The lighting and color of a movie are part of the backbone of emotion. Color can also show a character’s journey. Due to space being darker colors and colder, blue was used in the sunshine to represent that. Since yellow represents warmth and light, it was used to represent the sun. Color can also show the evolution of a character. In sunshine, as more crew members died and the ship got closer to the sun, the bright yellow started to transform into a golden and then into a light orange. Color communicates a film’s storyline because when the color shifts, it shows the viewer that the problem has…show more content…
One of the main colors used in the movie to represent the sun and hope for Earth to survive is yellow. The color yellow is usually associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. When overused, like when Searle sat in the observation room and looked at the sun at 32% of its capacity and developed skin cancer, yellow creates a disturbing effect. Yellow usually symbolizes death and optimism which is vital in this period to sustain life on earth. The yellow in Sunshine also represents the complexity of the circumstances. For some, yellow represents very happy memories but for others, it represents stressful memories or associations. Yellow can also represent madness and insecurity. Whenever Capa has a dream about falling into the sun it 's a dark yellow and black color showing his fear of burning to death. The other main color in Sunshine is blue. Dark blue is the shade that is associated with intelligence and lack of emotion. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability which correlates to Sunshine because space will constantly be if humans aren 't. Blue can also create feelings of sadness. When Mace finds Trey dead in the healing room, he learns that his guilt for miscalculating and forgetting to reshift the panels pushed him to commit suicide. Also, every time someone died on the ship, the scene’s color turned to blue. Blue is the color of truth. As Capa is running to the payload to manually release and

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