Color In The Shining And The Sixth Sense

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Like similarities, the movies The Shining, and The Sixth Sense also have differences One major difference between the two movies is the use of color as a symbol throughout the movie. In the movie The Shining, director Stanley Kubrick’s uses a combination of the colors red, white and blue throughout the movie as a symbol of the USA. More specifically, the USA’s murder of the native Americans. In all scenes except one, Danny wears the colors red, white, and blue, as well as other characters (ILLUMINATIWATCHER 1). Some examples include; At the beginning of the movie Wendy wears all red, white and blue before leaving home and moving into the hotel. Danny wears red, white and blue shirts throughout the entire movie except one scene where Danny wears a sweater with a rocket ship on it containing the word APOLO down the rocket, symbolizing the stage of the moon landing in 1969 (ILLUMINATIWATCHER1). The colors red, white and blue presented in the movie also have individual meanings. The red in the movie symbolizes…show more content…
The color red in the movie symbolizes the spirit world (Screenmuse 1). Throughout the movie there are many scenes that include the color red. For instance, the scene where the red balloon is rising towards to ceiling through the spiral staircase, represents the spirits rising to God. The scenes in which Cole wears red, represent that Cole, even though he is innocent about his situation, is still drawn to the voices he hears which draw the spirits attention towards Cole. Another example, would be the red door knob of the cellar door or the red pen in which Cole uses to write about the ghosts (Screenmuse 1). All these along with more confirm that the color red is a symbol of the world of the spirits along with their frustration to be

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