Color Management Case Study

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In this chapter, the enviroental context, industry and mother group, competitor and market are be analyzed.

4.1 The enviroental scanning
PESTLE is a useful tool for environmental scanning (Baines P. et al, 2011 a). The color management industry is globalizing due mainly to IT technology development. In a traditional outsourcing process there are many interfaces in the color management product supply chain. Outsourcing is a common theme that increases the programmer’s time for brand products to reach the shelf. IT technology is able to streamline the process and overcome significant inefficiencies at the interfaces.
The color management trend report states: “people want global applications in international networks and platforms that
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Chinese Brand Owners and Printers are cost conscious and tend to use services that are competitively priced. Local branders maybe reluctant to change their processes and organizational structure to incorporate Pantone’s ecosystem. This may prove to be a challenging mindset which marketers and the sale force will need to address with a competitive but premium product. However, consumer behavior will be studied in field work
Technological The key driver is the technological offering of safe, secure and accessible palette data in a Cloud. However, Porter noted that IT needs to be integrated into operations that complement established competitive approaches and create systemic advantages that your competitors can not copy. (Porter 2003).
Environmental No notable seasonal or environmental trends limit the competitive advantage of PantoneLive’s vertical suite of
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The Analysis of Result of Market Feasibility Research
The market feasibility is defined as: ‘the possibility to accept PantoneLive by Chinese market.” The market feasibility research is important for Pantone Live marketing because it is a revolutionary product that only adopted by several leading U.S leading companies. Do these Chinese companies need PantoneLive at their technology level? Is it the right time to market PantoneLive in China? The analysis of macro-environment and industry are helpful to answer these questions. However, Field work to collect customers’ real requirements for color management is also important because of direct connection to customers.
The respondents of this survey are tier-and tier-2 customers. The survey questions in English are shown in Appendix 1.
5.1 Questionnaire Design
According to the design of feasibility research in chapter 3, the questionnaire is designed for 12 products characters on 5 different favorite levels. The questionnaire contains 2 tables which different direction to rank same content of product character. The first table is for the answers for ‘with the character’. The second table refers to the answers ‘without the character’. If there is conflict with between 2 tables for necessary and not tolerate items, it is show the candidate did not treat the questionnaire seriously. So, questionnaires with conflicted answers will be rejected. The original version of the questionnaire is in
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