Color Purple Reflection

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In the film "The Color Purple" directed by Steven Spielberg impacted my personal life extremely. Danny Glover acts as a controlling male figure in the life of a young woman named Celie who grew up in a time that was full of segregation and male oppression. During her years of growth she was able to share a childhood with her sister Nettie Harris until they were both separated from each other when Celie was forced to become married to Albert. This was devastating to my life as when I was younger I had been forced into a street lifestyle without any parental guidance to help myself and siblings, we were also separated from one another and split up in our childhood. Like Celie I continued to survive the circumstances that were placed before me. Never knowing what tomorrow would bring always made me feel hopeless but I could not give up because I was so determined to reunite with my brothers and sisters. There came a time in which Nettie was reunited with her sister Celie at the home of Albert and Celie, this happened because Nettie 's father attempted to take sexual advantage of her against her own will, this was another point in the film where I became personally drawn into the scene where Nettie was almost raped. In my younger years like Nettie, I fought with situations of being a potential victim as well, growing up never to trust a man for what others in my past had done to me, many nights I would lose sleep and belief in a good life as it only seemed to grow darker with
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