Color Symbolism In The Night Circus

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Freudians Colour Symbolism In The Night Circus “Everything is a symbol of something, it seems, until proven otherwise.” -Thomas C. Foster. Symbols express ideas and emotions through an indirect approach, any individual can view a symbol and interpret it in their own way. It is a more personal form of expression in literature. The Night Circus shows many forms of colour symbolism that furthers the plot line and adds obscurity to the text. Although it may be hard to find balance between the symbols in Erin Morgenstern's novel The Night Circus, there are still many of Freudians theories that connect with each other. This is illustrated by color symbolism shown throughout the novel. Red is the universal symbol of love. In The Night Circus,…show more content…
This is extremely significant due to the fact that the colour grey is used to symbolize the man in the grey suit. From the very beginning of the novel, his name Alexander does not stick, for some reason people cannot remember it and automatically call him by his initials or by the colour of his suit. It represents the vagueness of him. This is because he is the most mysterious man in the novel, as he said "Names are not nearly as must import as people like to suppose". (Morgenstern27) He constantly is wearing the colour grey and even is familiarized by name because of his repetitive outfit choice. "I will pass on to you what little of it remains for me to give. When we leave this table I will have no claim over your circus, no connection to it whatsoever."(Morgenstern508), Mr. A.H (aka. the man in the grey suit) understands the actions he has committed while speaking with Widget. He understands what needs to be done at the end of the novel when Widget cuts a deal to tell Mr. A.H a story for the return of the circus. The reason of the colour representation is due to the fact that he is not fully good or fully evil, and he is struggling with both. That is why he decided it was wise to give up the challenge and let the other people move on with their lives. Mr. A.H realized that Celia and Marco were gone, the entire challenge was ruined and there was no going back. The circus holds a greater significance to him and to the others, then it does to Alexander. Bailey, Widget Poppet, Celia and Marco all have a strong link to the circus, for some it keeps them living and for others it is the only thing they have ever known. The man in the grey suit, at end, realized this and gave up, all for one story that starts with "The circus arrives without warning"(Morgenstern508). Grey is the perfect symbol to show the in-between state
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