Colorado Springs Narrative

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As a child, my family took a vacation to a far- away place called Colorado. Being right around five years old, I had absolutely no idea what that meant. All I knew was that the car ride to get to Colorado was going to feel like an eternity. My parents told me they were taking me to a city called Colorado Springs. As a five- year old all heard was the word “Springs”, and thinking that my parents were talking about a city made of giant trampolines. When we finally arrived in Colorado Springs, I admit that I was a little disappointed, as it was not a city made of giant trampolines. Colorado Springs was just a normal city far away from home with a name that misleads five- year olds like myself. I vaguely remember going on excursions to all sorts of waterfalls, and mountains, and trails. Being five years old I did not really care much or…show more content…
I remember looking down and the waterfalls and seeing the immense amount of water crashing down the steep, rocky mountainside. Once we got to the top, my parents took me on hiking trails to see more waterfalls that were smaller. In more modern times, I had just finished my junior year of high school with a passion for soccer. My only goal was to play college soccer, and the only way to do that is to get my name out. I was scrolling through lists on the internet of universities with accelerated soccer programs when I came across the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. I was intrigued by this school and began searching the internet in an urge to find more out about this school. After doing more research about this university, I talked my parents into taking me back to Colorado Springs to go to a soccer camp. The morning before I had to go to camp, my father took me to Seven Falls, the same place I had been 11 years before. Climbing up the 224 steps to the top was a trip down memory lane as I recalled lots of moments from my
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