Colored Packaging Literature Review

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Analyzing the Impact of colored packaging on consumer quality perception and buying behavior Saira Khalid University of Central Punjab Sana Riaz University of Central Punjab Sadia Latif University of Central Punjab Keywords: Marketing, Colored packaging, quality perception, buying behavior Introduction: Packaging is the first thing that the customer sees and gets attracted to the product if he does not already know about the product (Ricardo Pires 2008). (Sabeehullah shah et. al 2008) illuminates that packaging serves two purposes now-a-days: one is to protect the main product and second is to attract the customer and both of the purposes must be fulfilled by product package these days. Rundh (2005) explains that package of product attracts…show more content…
A package that makes the customer feel good is effective and takes attention of consumer. So we have to focus on making the package attractive for customer and color is an important consideration. Package attracts the customer in a manner that even advertisements cannot attract in the manner and it can help us to stand above the competitors (Mitul and Bhavesh 2012). (Ricardo Pires) in his article Consumer behavior: product characteristics and quality perceptions argue that attractive package can influence the customer if customer is not already familiar with product and its benefits. The customer will go to familiar product if he knows that the product that he is already using is providing him enough…show more content…
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