Colorina's Change Model Analysis

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Change initiative: Implementation, evaluation, and sustainability Change is something that happens in our daily life, particularly in Health Care field. It is a path of continuous change, particularly due to the internal and external factors that affect the organizations. The change model the author has came up and was presented in the previous presentation called Colorina’s Change Model will be utilized in this paper to help the identified issue regarding communication of new information within the facility and could benefit from initiating a change. In this paper, the issue and the current outcomes as a result of the issue identified together with the external and/or internal driving forces, contributing issues, and the people affected;…show more content…
Internal forces of an organization pertain to people, events, structures, factors, conditions, and systems in the organization in which the company has the control such as the organizational culture, mission statement, and style of leadership. On the other hand, external forces are those factors that occur outside of the company, which could result in a change inside the organizations and most of the time the company has no control such as customers, the economy, technology, competition, political and social conditions, and resources (Hartzell, 2017). The identified external factors of the issue regarding the ineffective communication are technology and resources, while the internal factors are the sources of information and the method it is being spread…show more content…
SOAPIE or Subjective, Objective, Analysis, Plan, Intervention, Evaluation is well used in nursing as it is a systematic approach, goal-oriented nursing care plan that allows us to write a structured method of progress notes (Ward, 2013). By applying it to a change model, it will allow the organization I belong to have a structured plan on how to approach change whilst applying some of the lessons learned from Kotter’s Change Model, which goes hand and hand with

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