Colorism And African-American Women

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Facts about Colorism and African-American Women
Colorism is a type of prejudice or discrimination in which individuals are dealt with diversely in light of the social implications joined to skin color. Colorism is not a synonym of racism. Race relies on upon various components; thusly, racial classification does not exclusively depend on skin color. Skin color is stand out system used to dole out people to a racial class, however race is the arrangement of convictions and suppositions relegated to that classification. Racism is the reliance of social status on the social importance connected to race; colorism is the reliance of social status on skin color alone (Hochschild and Weaver, 2007). All together for a type of discrimination to be viewed as colorism, differential treatment must not come about because of racial classification, but rather from
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So colorism alludes to discrimination in view of skin color. Colorism hindrances dark-skinned individuals while privileging those with lighter skin color. Research has connected colorism to littler salaries, lower marriage rates, longer jail terms and less employment prospects for darker-skinned individuals (Golden, 2012). Besides, has existed for a considerable length of time both in and outside of black America. That makes it a constant type of discrimination that ought to be battled with the same criticalness that racism is. In this essay, I will first describe what actually the colorism is and what its historical background. Historical aspects shows that light colored skin women are given preference on dark skin colored women so I will also discuss the impact of colorism on African-American women (Black women) by keeping in view the
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