Colosseum Symbolism

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The Colosseum is an important part of history and an example of astounding architecture. Not many people know that it not only hosted land battles but also sea battles. Another commonly unknown fact is that the Romans invented elevators strong enough to lift elephants and rhinos into the arena. Although most people think of the Colosseum as a tourist trap, it is a symbol of Roman history and architecture. It was and still is an amazing structure filled with almost two thousand years of history, architectural wonders, and technological advancements. This paper will talk about the Colosseum’s history, innovating construction and architecture. It will also go over how a gladiatorial spectacular would have proceeded when the Colosseum was at the height of its prime as well as how it fell into ruin. The Roman Emperor Nero is best known for his debauchery and expensive tastes. During his reign, Nero almost completely drained his empire’s entire treasury on frivolous things for himself. One of those things was the construction of his Golden House, which featured a man-made lake and a 35.5-meter tall statue of himself titled “Colossus Neronis”. Because of his usage of the people’s money, the governor Galba declared himself legate of the Senate. The Praetorian Guard allied themselves with him and the Senate followed soon after. Galba declared Nero an enemy of the state and ordered his arrest and execution. Upon hearing about is fate, Nero decided to take his own life. After Nero’s
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