Columbia County Community Analysis

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During the presidency of George Washington, the ratification of the United States Constitution, and the Society of Friends request for the abolition of slavery there was a small community gaining its roots. Columbia County was formally established on December 10, 1790.
It was originally a part of Richmond County in Augusta, Georgia. One of the big players in the decision making process and new policies of the emerging county was William Few, for whom William Few Parkway located in Evans and Grovetown is named. Few suggested that Richmond County be divided into smaller counties which lead to Richmond being split into Columbia. Eventually, what was originally Richmond then Columbia was further split in McDuffie and Warren Counties. Columbia County is an ever growing community that has much to offer to its workers and residents.
Columbia County is located in the United States of America in the southeastern part of the
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Harlem was named for the city in New York as Hicks had an admiration for the culture and business and he hoped to emulate those attributes. Harlem was largely a rural community and those historical ties still remain today. Following Harlem is Grovetown as the next city to be established. Historically, Grovetown was created to be a resort and vacation city for the more affluent citizens of Georgia. The streets were littered with huge homes and yards for entertaining. Both Grovetown and Harlem were founded in the 1880s. Finally, Evans and Martinez Georgia, named for a Georgian general and doctor respectively were founded in the 1890s (Columbia County.Gov, YEAR). They took on the role of the county center as they were much closer to shopping centers, entertainment, and other activities in the very populous Augusta area. People flocked to the area as more businesses began to pop up and the area became less about
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