Columbia Hospital Marketing Strategy

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Organizing the events Such a big company that has big reputation and names, Columbia Hospital needs to continue to maintain the people’s affections to use their service. They have held several events to attract the public in discovering about their services, what actually the service that Columbia Hospital really offers.. The definition of events is a thing that happens, especially one which is important.
Firstly, there is one campaign held in an effort to increase community awareness of the hospital’s broad spectrum of medical services and enhance the public’s perception of their excellent patient care. Columbia Hospital decided to create an integrated marketing campaign, a new tagline, new logo, compelling brand video, and promotional collateral
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Columbia Hospital’s public relation department created an invitation and a video that incorporated the branding message of a “healthy change” with the new tagline, along with the visual elements of the palm frond or palm-of-hand logo. The video are produced using a sincere, heartfelt approach. It features a montage of images that capture people of all ages enjoying life, along with images of medical professionals. The narration touchingly describes how change is an inevitable part of life and how Columbia Hospital is experiencing a healthy change by evolving into West Palm Hospital to better reflect the exceptional health care they provide and the needs of the West Palm Beach community. With the video, it is expected that it will provide aid in delivering the messages towards the customer on what Columbia Hospital had to offer in a much simpler forms which is easier to understand.…show more content…
This activity is the external relation which involving the organization and the customers which is outside of the organization. The blood donation campaign is very important because as we all know, the rate of blood donor in Malaysia is still low compared to the other country. The Columbia’s Hospital Blood Donation Campaign does not only focus on those who have the intention to donate blood, but also to encourage other people to donate blood by advertising the campaign. The campaign were mainly advertized through the pamphlets and brochures. So this is where the public relation plays the important role. They need to know how to tackle the customer’s attention by producing the attractive brochures and trying their best to change the people’s

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