Columbian Exchange Causes

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Cause and effects of Columbian Exchange After the crusades, a new era of explorations and a want of gold begins. The ottoman took control of the Silk road trade and spain needed to find a new route for trade. This lead to queen Isabel of spain to fund Christopher Columbus voyage westward to find a new route to india without crossing paths with the ottoman. Columbus accidentally discovered the Americas on his voyage leading to the Columbian Exchange. Which is the export and import of goods to Europe from the Americas. The Columbian Exchange was caused by many factors. Two of which are Europe's economy at the time and their ability to modify technology. It also had devastating effects such as death to the native people and slavery. Two causes…show more content…
to native people, the columbian Exchange brought death and struggle to survive due to the animals and diseases. With the Import and Export of goods to Europe came new animals and diseases to the Americas such as cattle, chickens, horses and pigs. Pigs caused much trouble towards the native people due to their farms being unfenced and open. This caused a shortage of food killing many people. Not only did the animals bring a new struggle to farming but they also brought diseases which the native peoples immune system could not handle. Examples of diseases include cholera, malaria, influenza, bubonic plague, and smallpox. Smallpox on its own wiped out a major part of the native people population estimates range from 50 through 90 percent. Slavery is another devastating effect of the Columbian Exchange. Due to crash crops such as sugarcane and tobacco slavery was in higher demand to meet elite Europeans demands. With the discovery of tobacco usage from the native people tobacco was in high demand for recreational use. sugarcane caused a ripple of excitement for those who could afford it. Making both tobacco and sugar highly valuable and highly wanted. Plantation owners wanted cheap labor so they brought slaves by force from West Africa to the Americas to work for them with minimal cost. Slaves could no longer earn their freedom leading to slaves families being…show more content…
Leaving in its Trail devastating effects including death to the native people and slavery. Before the Columbian Exchange europe needed to find a new trade route due to the Ottoman taking control over the Silk Road and charging high taxes for wanted goods and luxury items. In the end without the Columbian Exchange many events most likely would have not happened such as cultural diffusion, racial slavery and possibly the formation of the United
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