Columbian Exchange: Impact On The New And Old World

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Nicholas Dunn
September 14, 2014
Mr. Gilliland
HIST 1120

Module One Exam Part 1
Columbus’ voyages had a significant impact on the New and Old Worlds. How did the Columbian “Exchange” impact those cultures? What were the implications? What crops, pathogens and animals were being shipped back and forth? Was there a negative side to this exchange? What would be the long-term consequences? During Columbus’ journey between Europe and the Americas was painful for both sides of the world. Columbus brought new crops, pathogens, and animals to the New and Old World Crops Pathogens Animals Negative Side Long Term consequences Conclusions
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Module One Exam Part 2
The African Slave Trade was the largest forced migration in human history. Why did the Atlantic Slave Trade develop as it did? What was the role of the Trans-Saharan trade on the development of the Atlantic Slave Trade? If some of the African kingdoms were better organized than the European, why did they not halt the trade? Finally, was the impact of the slave trade tied to the failure of Africa to develop economically or was that an internal factor? The African Slave Trade was a major deal in time. African kingdoms have been trading enslaved people long before the Atlantic Slave Trade. The Trans-Saharan set up a foundation for the African kingdoms to sell their enslaved people for gold and hard goods. Before Europeans brought over African slaves, the Europeans were enslaving lands they conquered and people
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