Columbine Gun Violence

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After watching this documentary on the actions that took place in 2002, it immediately brought me back to the pain and guilt America felt as a whole. The sociological conflict that is strongly shown here is conflict. It was the second “big thing” to happen to us after 9/11. It is very safe to say, we were scared. What person in the right mind could ever do such a thing, and why? To start off, the Moore attempts to put an emphasis on the significance of gun violence on the younger generation of Americans as well as on all citizens of the USA. Throughout the, Moore tries to endeavor the accessibility of guns to Americans and the lack of control over guns that actually leads to all these tragic outcomes (which today, is absolutely ridiculous.)…show more content…
He does not show in details the entire system. In fact, he let the audience to make judgments concerning the effectiveness of the gun control in the USA, but he just shows that this system does not work. As a result, Columbine massacres can occur frequently (Finn, 65-66). Many important subjects and issues involved with the massacre, gun violence, and today 's culture are discussed throughout the documentary. One of the subjects that the documentary focuses largely on is the idea that fear is being used as a tool to create consumption. Moore establishes that the fear being embedded into the audience 's brain by journalistic media is driving Americans into a consumption frenzy. Violent crimes are largely covered by media to instigate said fear, therefore making viewers feel unsafe, and creating a desire to be prepared in case of an emergency, for example, buying guns. According to Moore, this is one of the main factors that causes the high rates of gun violence in the United States, as it creates a desire to own guns, causes paranoia among the audience, and therefore generates an expectation that the firearms will be needed. "In essence, Moore suggests that the media creates an atmosphere of terror by constantly putting the American people on notice of various threats." (Robbers, 83) Gun ownership, violent history, ethnical diversity, and others reasons are also analyzed throughout Bowling for Columbine in order to be proven as false. The documentary explains why America is prone to gun related deaths, and attempts to persuade the viewer to believe that journalistic media is to blame. "Seeking to explain the fear and paranoia that lead American to arm themselves, Moore casts a wide net, but he avoids some easy targets. Moore dismissed the notion that violent video games play a major role, nothing the popularity of such games in such nations as
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