Columbine High School: A Short Story

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Another mass shooting story is the mass shooting of Columbine High School. According to an article posted by Jennifer Rosenberg on, Columbine High School is located in Littleton, Colorado. This incident took place on April 20th of 1999. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were the two high school aged boys that committed this horrific act. The boys planned to kill hundreds of their peers using guns, knives and bombs. On the day of April 20th, 1999, they wore black trench coats to cover the weapons that they were carrying. They also hid their homemade bombs in their backpacks and a duffel bag. Klebold and Harris had set up a couple of bombs to go off a few blocks away to distract the police. Once those bombs went off, the boys started firing their weapons to begin their killing spree. The boys managed to kill 13 innocent people that day, 12 students and one teacher. Then they took their own lives, for a total of 15 people dead in the matter of an
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