Columbine High School Bullying Analysis

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Bulling in schools seems to be a touchy subject these days. It was as well when I was in high school. I can recall one brief time in school when I was bullied, because of what I had or did not have. There was this boy his name was Paul and he was my tormentor for that brief time. At that time growing up my family did not have much money so we could not afford nice things in particular new clothes. The beginning of freshman year I had to wear the same clothes I did of my eighth grade year. This went into Paul’s notice-ment for about the first two weeks of the new school year. Most days I did not say anything just kept walking, but on Thursday of the second week I has had enough. A piece of my mind was given with a harsh use of words in an elevated…show more content…
According to History (2015) the shootings “Harris and Klebold had carried out the shootings as retaliation for being bullied.” The statement is speculation there is no proven reason for the shooting to have occurred. With the information collected from the videos the boys made and testimonies from other students the boys had a senesce of hate for the world and spoke of hurting people. With expert speculation there was also thought of a personality disorder from signs displayed by Harris. Columbine School shooting is a perfect example of why bullying and the monitor of behavior needs to be a schools main focus for student safety. There are many different factors that can lead to student to the fringe. Bullying is a huge influence on schools and the students within those schools. Most students that hit their breaking point in school are kids that just do not fit in or feel like they are not accepted by others. The transition into high school can be a big change from lower grades and also at high school age other students seem to be more critical toward their peers. As is to being bullied there are is a different side and that is what drives a person to…show more content…
One factor may be the need for power. A person seeking power in a sea of other students will single out the weak one. In these findings the bully will find someone they view as a non-threat and someone they do not see fighting back. In most cases this works in their favor. As seen in history this does not always go their way. In the deadly shootings that have occurred in high schools more than one normally pays a price for one bully that cannot get over their self, imagine that. In other cases a bully may have home problems that they bring to school and act out on others, due to the inability to seek help. One that has most recently been tossed around is a psychological disorder. Every-one involved in a shooting of any kind these days has a disorder. The Columbine shooting after years there was evidence released, the Harris and Kleblod personal journals and videos, which these experts say that personality disorder was the main cause of events that took place that day. This is an example of a psychological blame for events that have
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