Columbine High School Shooting Essay

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The entire school shooting lasted for 45 minutes until the shooters commited suicide. The Columbine was one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history. The two shooters were students at Columbine High School. Columbine High School Shooting was a tragic event that could have been stopped even though the outcome of the shooting could have been much worse, the event that happened in the Columbine were horrific, and missed warning signs could have stopped the attack from ever happening. The events that happened at Columbine High School were tragic. The columbine shooting would go down as the worst school shooting in American history. Thirteen people dead, twenty-four more people injured, on the dreadful afternoon of Tuesday, April 20, 1999 (Cullen, 2010). Parents in the time period never thought that anything like the shooting that happened at Columbine …show more content…

Eric Harris did not want to be alone for prom. Eric, a senior, did not want to be alone for one of the biggest gatherings of his high school time (Cullen, 2010). Eric Harris was a typical high school student, he wanted to be part of the peak of high school event, prom. Dylan Klebold was a kid who would follow Eric anywhere and do anything with him. Dylan would try to remain unseen as much as possible. He was a kid that was shy, docile, and self- conscious (Cullen, 2010). As a person that was shy he would want to be left alone and not bother anyone. Dusters as they used to be called are better known as trench coats. They were worn to give a badass look and for covering the items on them (Cullen, 2010). Trench coats are long and cover most of your body so therefore they would be perfect to hide things. Haris Being the supposed leader was wrong, Klebold was just as much a part of the shooting as Harris was (Gibbs, Roche, Goldstein, Harrington, & Woodbury, 1999). Harris and Klebold both killed people making them both guilty of the

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