Columbine Shooting And Containment Theory Essay

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Application to case: Both the containment theory and the social bonding theory relate to the Columbine case, and can help us to understand why it may have happened. Both boys had their own significant issues whether they be internal or external. Looking at the containment theory first we can see that Harris had multiple problems in his external containment, he moved around a lot as a child meaning he never settles in one place. His relationships with friends were destroyed many times due to needing to pack up a move on, he one said “I have moved to different houses or locations about six times…I left behind some of the greatest friends I ever had…Loosing a friend is almost the worst thing to happen to a person” (Hong, 2011). Harris’ moved caused him to have a disconnect with stable relationships both with his family, and with peers. It pushed him towards deviant behaviour because he did not have the social experiences other teenagers would have, he was not able to make important relationships. Parent blame was another external containment factor, most victims families filed lawsuits against both boys parents. They had claimed that the parents neglected to prevent the tragedy, however neither boys…show more content…
The shooting related to many sociological theories specifically the theory or containment, and the social bonding theory. With these theories we can get a better idea of what causes the boys to commit such a crime, we are able to look at what went on in their lives leading up to it and match theorist ideas to it to discover why it might have happened. Though the motives may never be certain using theories can help us look at different reason to find answers. Columbine was a huge tragedy, but through it the country has grown and been able to prevent similar mass shootings from
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