Columbine Shooting

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Sierra Holtsclaw Mr. Litz American Lit Period 2 The Shooting As a result of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's stomach-turning actions in the columbine shooting, security measures were taken to improve students and staffs safety not just in school but all around the united states. Dylan and Eric were not very popular in school and statistics of school shootings show that kids that are victims of bullying are “twice as likely to bring a weapon to school” (Mother Jones par2). Many people tend to overlook the situation of bullying in school and social media. Lastly many people are not aware of the signs and signals of a school shooter. Dylan Klebold son of Sue and Thomas Klebold lived a pretty normal life according to his parents. He had…show more content…
Anyone could walk in any school with anything and many people would never know. It was very easy to access the school and say “ I am Billy's cousin here to see him for lunch.” Anybody anywhere could be mad and take it out on innocent people anywhere. People's minds in today's society are so sick and twisted the things people think about doing to other people to inflict pain is wicked. Before the strict security kids also could leave school to go to lunch and times were very free and trusting . Teachers trusted the kids and kids trusted the teachers. The times before the Columbine shooting were very trusting and easy going. All of that changed as time went on, but in all reality it all changed in a quick sudden tragedy when the Columbine shooting happened April 20th,1999. During the shooting Dylan and Eric killed 13 and wounded 23 before taking their own lives. The two young men were very obsessive over the fact that it was Hitler's birthday that day. Dylan and Eric would scream out "Ich bin ein auslander, I am an outsider!" (NYdaily news par20). The two young men would also yell heil Hitler as they roamed the halls of Columbine High School. Dylan and Eric would look people in the eyes and ask people if they believed in God and some said yes, some also lost their lives for it. Boys and girl were being martyred for their…show more content…
Violence and bullying prevention programs have helped students, teachers and parents understand the harmful effects of bullying,”(Criminal justice degree guide; 9 ways par 7). There is now a new security program in schools called Bond. “Bond is now a security specialist at the National Association of Secondary School Principals”( par 5). This security measure that helps students feel safe and protected in school so kids don't have to go to school in fear
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