Columbine Theme Essay

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One possible theme of Columbine, or the message would be that not everyone is who you think they are. Also you never know what could happen, one day everything’s fine and the next day a tragedy occurs. One reason I think this book was written was to show that in some situations everyone comes together no matter what “type” or “click” they’re in. B. The character I choose is Eric. To me he would seem like a tall somewhat attractive guy. As the book sometimes said, he was more of a ladies man than Dylan. He seemed to have more “game”. Although, he was the more psychotic one. Dylan rarely spoke for himself because he has Eric to speak for him, which in my opinion I don’t think Eric had a problem with. He acted like he had a lot bottled…show more content…
This book could make some people think it was glorifying but to make the story known, the author had to tell more about them. Dave Cullen had to tell it in specific detail to give the readers the full effect of this tragedy. E. To me, the author made the boys seem like the outcasts of columbine, but at the same time they seemed to fit in enough to get away with this. No one expected them to do such a thing. The way Dave portrayed them made them seem like guys that were low-key up for that kind of stuff, like they were two different people inside and out of school. So overall the author, in my opinion, did make them out to be “typical”, but at sometimes didn’t. F. Eric changed more in the last two years just by being more interested in the plan. He seemed to get more and more into killing and weapons than Dylan. Like usual Dylan just followed Eric like a lost puppy, agreeing with everything he says and letting him be the leader. Eric also showed his rage a lot more. He would give hints to the people he didn’t want to die on the day of the tragedy but
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