Columbine Whose Fault Is It Analysis

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Through reading “Columbine: Whose Fault is It?” by Marilyn Manson we can identify that the media had a great influence in the aftermath of the shooting, and who was the scapegoat for it, in other words who is to blame for what happened to those poor 13 innocent teenage kids. The Columbine High School massacre was an infamous event that went down as one of the worst shootings to happen to a high school in America. In 1999, a pair of two students named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold decided to assault a school in Colorado named Columbine High School. Their intent was unknown, and because of that, many people started speculating as to why the duo decided to shoot up the school. Possible causes people came up with included them being bullied,…show more content…
He feels as if this is something that’ll never go away, as when these events happen, the media can get coverage and learn every single gruesome detail, thus netting them millions upon millions of viewers. Our generation is the one most adapted to technology. If information like this is going to be covered, what’s stopping people from watching it? People wanted to find the reason as to why the killers did what they did, and this was left very unclear, as it their actions didn’t have any clear justification. Answers were still craved, so naturally, people started making assumptions as to why the shooters did what they did. It was thought at first they were wearing makeup and dressed goth, and people were looking at people who do that sort of thing. Marilyn Manson was someone who received flack, among many others. These reports were later dismissed, as they weren’t even wearing makeup or dressed in a gothic fashion. The idea that Marilyn is trying to get at here is that even though that analysis was completely false, but people still hopped on the train of misinformation because it was on the
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