Columbus Day Holladay

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This essay is going to be about if Columbus Day should be a holladay. I think that Columbus Day and here are my reasons. I read some articles about Columbus Day should not be and decided to write about it. This is what I got so please read this essay that i wrote have fun! What just started?:-( Do you think Columbus Day should be a holladay? At the end of this you should come up with your answer. I am going to tell you some reasons I think Columbus Day should not be a holladay.Did you know that Columbus sold Indians(Taino) over sea for use of slaves half of the Indians(Taino) died during travel. That seems messed up don’t it? Well hate to say but Columbus was not the first one to find America.Sorry to say that I really am, it shocked me…show more content…
He just let Columbus take his ancestors go just like that that and he let Columbus take all the credit just like that.You know I would not let that happend if that was me. You are getting closer to the end!!! Yes I can see why you would think that Criss is a good guy. He helped people by getting the land and things like that and it gets us kids out of school. Yes that I can see that but is it worth celebrate a guy for killing indians(Taino), selling them as slaves to get work and food out of them. Is that what a holladay for? no it is not a holladay is for heroes and people who did good things for us like MLK(Martin Luther King). That is what a holladay should are is about.So that is what my point is!!!! !!!!!!The big finish!!!!!! Columbus enslaved people,also used imposed iron as a discipline he also took the credit from Boden. So does he sound big and heroic now? I say no anyway what is your answer anyway so what do you think?.You should have your answer know anyway do you think?? I believe that Columbus is -----(great ,bad) person and he should ------(should,should not) have there own holiday. that is the format of this answer.Thank you for staying tuned for this essay now I got find something else to
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