Columbus Day In William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation

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What is Columbus Day? Columbus day is a holiday that celebrates the day that the Pilgrims discovered the New Americas. During the Colonial times, Europeans came to the New Americas and witnessed new things that they had never seen in their life. The Europeans witnessed a “New World”, and witnessed many people dying, these are ways in which colonialism affected the lives of the colonists in a good way and bad way. While their whole group was sailing on the Mayflower many of the people got very sick and ended up dying in plain sight of others, the dead bodies were thrown into the ocean. This would affect the other colonist lives especially for the children that were there and were coming to an unknown country now fatherless or motherless and…show more content…
The soil and fertility of the land was different than what they had experienced in their homeland and therefore they struggled to find ways in which to make and grow food for themselves. They came during a terrible winter when it was extremely difficult to find anything from the land they could eat. In William Bradford’s “Of Plymouth Plantation,” it demonstrates how new food affected the lives of the colonists such as “digging up, found in them divers fair Indian baskets filled with corn, and some in ears, fair and good, of divers colours, which seemed to them a very goodly sight having never seen any such before”(11). Finding and exploring new food to eat affected the colonist because they now had to adapt and change their diet to fit the products that they could now harvest in their new home. They had to learn how to plant these crops and how to help them grow and harvest them. This is no easy task, especially when they didn’t have much help and support at first from the indigenous people that lived there. The colonist struggled to build alliances with them, and therefore struggled to find

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