Columbus Hatuey: Film Analysis

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Daniel is a complex soul, outspoken yet silently dignified. Daniel first stands up for what is right, insisting that everyone is given the opportunity to audition, refusing to go anywhere before the cast has seen all the applicants. Daniel is a natural leader with a great presence as stated by the Costa and Sabastian in reviewing his audition tape. We see him in a reserved manner, next when he and a small group of friends were digging the ditch so that water can flow to their homes. Maria, the camera woman, engages Daniel into conversation, asking about what they are doing, he speaks over another individual and explains they are running out of water, together they have bought a well and now they are digging a ditch 7km (4+miles) for a pipeline to reach their homes. When water authority drives up Daniel and two partners approach the WA vehicle and threaten them by smashing windows forcing them to drive off. First and somewhat small demonstration in front of Aguas De Bolia (water authority building) speaking out against the selling of their property, rivers, lakes, water wells, even the rainfall by companies that do not even reside in their country. He asks in a resounding voice, “What is next, the air we breathe, the sweat from our brows?” Daniel puts Costa and film crew in the same class as government and the financial institutions, exploiting the native…show more content…
In return natives must fill bells with gold in form of tax payments to the Empire.. Hatuey later initiates a siege against the colonists, freeing the slaves from further exploitation, fleeing into the woods only to be pursued and the weaker natives executed by the

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