Columbus University: Film Analysis

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Higher Learning an american film released in 1995 that focuses on a fictional college by the name of “Columbus University” that resembles the actual Columbus State University in Georgia. In the movie director John Singleton captures the life of college students of all races and cultures and beliefs from around country. The lead character Malik Williams played by (Omar Epps) an African american high prestige track athlete. Malik’s character struggles understanding the full particulars of knowledge, the real world and keeping up in his academic career. Malik displays low motivation and idea of hard work.One of my favorite scenes was when Malik asked his friend Fudge a “super-senior” student played by actor Ice Cube to burrow a book Fredrick Douglas.…show more content…
Remy.Remy pulls out a gun on Malik and his roommate threatening them and storming out the room leaving the two after this scene Remy drops out of the university and causes a riot at the peace festival when he opens fire on the students from a rooftop killing Maliks love interest Deja and African american track star as well. Deja’s character helps Malik understand the opportunity he was given to be i n the position to get and education and something he loves.loves. Remy also hits another unarmed student during the riot. When Malik’s girlfriend dies in his arm he seeks out Remy attempting to choke him to death remy turns the gun on himself committing suicide when confronted with the police apologizing to them.At the end of the movie Malik and krisitin are seen at the Memorial for Deja where she admits her guilty feeling for holding the festival. I watched the movie with my friend Malik over spring break i would rate this film a 4 simply because i found the movie impact and interesting to my viewpoints and i became knowledgeable about racial issues. I would recommend the film to others and i already have recommended to a few students even discussing this with my mother who couldn 't recall if she had seen the
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