Columbus Vs Cortez

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The discoveries of land or groups of individuals may involve what modern individuals call colonization. Colonization is the ability to formulate control or power that enables the person to dominate the area or individuals into a colony they wish to construct. This form of formulating new colonies was constantly used by many individuals during the early 1500s. Individuals like Christopher Columbus and Hernan Cortes are seen as heroic individuals of history due to their colonizing experiences and discoveries. Although both of these two individuals are seen as heroes to numerous groups, their values and beliefs allowed their colonization’s to have a few contrasts and similarities. While Columbus truthfully believed his actions were meaning good,…show more content…
The individuals also show an instant desire to in some sense worship both Columbus and Cortez as their ruler. Columbus described how he was well welcomed anywhere he had arrived to and everyone went around following him and ran to their neighbors to form a bigger crowd around him. For instance during the first letter of Columbus he mentioned the Natives stating “Come! Come to see the people from heaven!” (Columbus, 1922). Following this, Columbus also described how they believed he was from the sky, stating “… they believed very firmly that I, with these ships and crews, came from the sky…” (Columbus, 1923). Cortez also experienced the feeling of being looked up to and described the individuals stating “Now seeing the regions from which you say you come, which is from where the sun rises…” (Cortez, 1928). Because the individuals acknowledge their belief of them coming from the sky, they quickly began to obey their every order. For instance in Cortez’s letter he mentions that the individuals stated “… be certain that we will obey you and hold you as lord in place …” (Cortez, 1928). The individuals were quick to acknowledge where they thought Cortez and Columbus came from (the sky or heaven) but they were also quick to handover what they know prior to meeting them because both Columbus and Cortez taught them something new or converted many of them into Christianity. For instance Columbus stated that “… the conversion of so many peoples to our holy faith...” (Columbus, 1925) Also, Cortez had an intension in expanding the Christian religion, for instance the passage states “Emphasizing his own efforts to convert the Aztecs to Christianity …” (Cortez,
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