Comair Competitive Objectives

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3. Sustainability is more than just being “green”. Does COMAIR reflect a clear set of values, purpose, objectives and vision to support the development of a sustainable competitive advantage as reflected by their “Cycle of Success”?

In order to be sustainable companies should adopt the triple bottom line initiative, this will highlight the areas of impact; financial, social and environmental. A quick analysis of each line will highlights the aspects.
Social Sustainability: having fair and beneficial labour practices and further to this can the company be measured in the impact of the business activities on the local economy and lastly corporate community involvement.
Environmental Sustainability: This measures the company’s impact on the
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Should there be changes Comair will be ready to take action in order to be compliant. Comair is also looking at better operating effectiveness such as investing in better fuel efficient aircraft which Boeing is quoted; that the aircrafts fuel consumption is reduced by 33% per passenger. The objective that can be classified against environmental sustainability is its operating effectiveness with Comair stating that it needs to develop core competencies across the operating environment. Core competencies can lead to optimising processes, which in turn can lead to waste reduction, which in turn is good to the environment. This is also entrenched in the value statement that Comair are offering world-class products and services in the most efficient…show more content…
The statement “strive to be trusted by our stakeholders” (Comair Case study compiled by TFJ Oosthuizen 2018) is a bold statement because the stakeholders is everybody that can be affected by Comair such is the general public, Comair’s customers, the board of Comair, local authorities to name a few. These parties will look at how Comair is conducting its business on all areas and the impact on society. “Leading as a Responsible Corporate Citizen” is an objective of Comair as to which Comair commits itself to conduct business in a sustainable manner, with ethics and corporate governance practices to be held with high standards. People look at companies with high standards in every aspect and will judge them accordingly and the result is that British Airways, lauded at Sunday Times Top Brands
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