Comanche Tribe Research Paper

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Briana Rivera
Professor O’Neil
January 25, 2016
ANTH 252
Mohave & Comanche Tribe
Mohave: The Mojave (Mohave) tribe were a California tribe of fierce Native American Indians who were hunters, fishers and farmers. The Mojave tribe are highly distinctive due to their outrageous, unique styles of clothing and tattoos that adorned their bodies.
Comanche: The Comanche tribe were located in the southern areas of the Great Plains. The Comanche tribe were renown as excellent horsemen. They fought against enemy tribes of Native Indians and rejected the Europeans ways of the Great Plains.
Natural Environment:
Mohave: The Mohave have lived for centuries in the valley of the Lower Colorado river, surrounded by desert. While the neighboring
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(Gelo 126) Comanche religious beliefs centered mostly around the “acquisition and management of impersonal supernatural power called puha. The manipulation of power was mainly an affair for individuals, not groups, in Comanche practice.” (Gelo…show more content…
Comanche: The Comanches political structure can be described as “a nation that was in a state of constant and at times uncontrolled change” as well as “a society that creatively reinvented itself while scrambling to absorb outside pressures.” (Gelo 55) Gelo states that, “Comanches’ external dominance rested on a series of internal compromises, which kept them balancing between hunting and pastoralism, market production[etc.]” (55) Gelo adds on that, “This internal balancing and compromising sustained the Comanche hegemony, but society was a high-strung organism that was constantly threatened by political disarray, economic overheating, and intersocietal conflict.”
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