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5 Creative Ways to Fight Fatigue at the Office Fatigue doesn’t just often come with jobs where demanding physical work is done, but with desk-bound jobs as well. In fact, many workers that report a sense of constant fatigue are precisely from the later group of people. The reasons for lethargy can be many, from poor posture, lack of movement during work, to depression and other health issues. Visit your GP and have all the potential causes explored first. Once the cause for your fatigue has been identified, there are natural solutions that will all help to put the spring back in your step at work. In this article I’ll show you 5 creative and effective ways to combat fatigue while you’re trying to focus on work. ●Liver Detoxification Poor…show more content…
A protein deficiency can cause apathy and irritability. An exhausted person finds it difficult to eat nutritious foods, and poor food choices result in greater fatigue and emotional upsets. Millions of people endure daily fatigue at the office due to low blood sugar brought on by simply skipping breakfast. The symptoms of low blood sugar run the gamut of apathy, fatigue, tension, headaches and nervousness. Going without food allows blood sugar level to dip. To avoid this eat regular small nutritious snacks to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. ●Your Environment Every worker needs a healthy- and comfortable environment so as to work productively. Exposure to extreme temperatures in the office can cause fatigue. You can experience fatigue just from sitting near and air vent that emits icy air down your back. Other environmental issues can include insufficient lighting or even light glare, resulting in eye-strain and general fatigue. Ensure your workspace is properly set up and ergonomic can go a long way in reducing fatigue and boosting…show more content…
There are many causes of this fatigue at the work place such as long work hours, stress, not enough sleep the night before, prolonged periods of activity as well as insufficient breaks. Fatigue increases with extreme temperatures, poor lighting and tasks that are performed with poor quality equipment and furniture. Workplaces need to get their acts together and provide working environments with pleasant temperatures, god lighting, ergonomic equipment and furniture as well as time for rest and eating peaceably during the day. References: 1.Muller, J. Ergonomic Trends. Best Desk Risers and Stands for Laptops and Monitors 2017- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide. Available at 2.Amy Marturana 6 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Protein Available at 3.Muller, J. Ergonomic Trends. Creating the Perfect Ergonomic Workspace- The ULTIMATE Guide. Available at 4. Haghighi, K.S. & Yazdi, Z. NCBI. Fatigue management in the workplace. Available at

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