Creative Ways To Combat Fatigue Essay

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5 Creative Ways to Fight Fatigue at the Office

Fatigue doesn’t just often come with jobs where demanding physical work is done, but with desk-bound jobs as well. In fact, many workers that report a sense of constant fatigue are precisely from the later group of people.

The reasons for lethargy can be many, from poor posture, lack of movement during work, to depression and other health issues. Visit your GP and have all the potential causes explored first. Once the cause for your fatigue has been identified, there are natural solutions that will all help to put the spring back in your step at work.

In this article I’ll show you 5 creative and effective ways to combat fatigue while you’re trying to focus on work.

●Liver Detoxification

Poor liver detoxification is a common cause of fatigue. The liver’s job is to remove toxins and waste from the blood, but a toxic liver is unable to do this. You’re sluggish, exhausted and irritable. A detox program will remove excess fats and waste products that
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Without the use of ergonomic desk risers and desk- or laptop stands, we’ll end up full of aches and pains. Desk risers and stands allow you to raise the height of your monitor, the desk part can be adjusted and locked into several positions, and this allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. Check out Ergonomic Trends for the most highly rated desktop stands and risers today.

Movement variation is key to having a healthy body, and postural variations reduce musculoskeletal discomfort. Weight re-positioning- and redistribution is important so that lower back pressure is reduced and other muscles can be used. Going from a sitting- into a standing position allows the body to stretch, and also allows for enhanced blood flow throughout the body. This benefits the heart, allows for more oxygen, more energy and more

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