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A combat medic has a very special job. As a combat medic your main responsibility is to give emergency medical treatments to the injured. They also provide limited care, health protection, and help with evacuation from the area of injury or sickness. A combat medic will be working in a very intense area. A medic usually will follow or go alongside with the troops to assist the soldiers. This means that the medic will be in the middle of the fighting, assisting with any injuries. My personality says that I am between being an extrovert and an introvert. I believe that this helps to show that I am a math for this career because you want someone who is willing to socialize with others, such as patients, but also doesn’t have to be the center of attention. As a combat medic you have to be able to trust your gut and sense things, and that’s…show more content…
Whenever there is a mission going on medics will be needed to help. Vacation days will be provided but they are not very specific. The salaries for this career vary. When you first begin you will be payed around $3,080 a month or so, depending on your starting career. And army medic could receive around $36,000. A navy medic could receive around $55,000. Finally an army combat medic/health care specialist can receive $59,000. A combat medic has many benefits. Such as education benefits like full-tuition payment, merit-based scholarships, and many other benefits are included such as allowance for books and fees, and some living fees. A part of the compensation is covering all the housing. It also includes the coverage of medical needs, food expenses, special pay (raises, etc.) and vacation days are payed for. A job as a combat medic has a high availability currently. This job is predicted to continue having a high availability level due to the fact that only people between the ages of 17 and 35 are eligible to have this

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