Come Closer To Feminism For Everybody Analysis

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In the introduction “Come Closer to Feminism” Hooks describes the conversations she tends to have with people who are interested in what she does. The misconception that feminism is hatred towards men by women is one that is constant according to her. As she explains most men and even women have the idea that feminist hate men, that they are all lesbians and they take jobs away from white men to make their lives harder, but when asked what they have read or know of feminism most will answer saying that they have never read a book. Their ideas of theories have arrived from that of what others say or mention.

Before reading Bell Hooks “Feminism is for Everybody” I did not understand what feminism truly meant, I had the definition that I had seen online of feminist women being what they called "feminazi". Those women hated men and wanted to be superior. I had the idea that being feminism meant being a lesbian with dyed armpit
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Women from the Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea depart their homes in the search for a better life for their children and family. Today women travel to wealthy countries like the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom take jobs as nannies leaving their children behind to be taken care by mother's, aunt and sometimes even orphanages. These women sacrifice the love they are expected to give to their children to provide material goods to ensure their survival and flourishing in today's society. These women sell their love for children in rich countries so that their own children can have a life similar to that of the children they learn to live in the absence of their own children. Love has become a good that is extracted from poor countries to that of the wealthy countries as described by Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell
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