Come On Juliet: A Short Story: Romeo And Juliet

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"Come on Juliet you can not just sit at home on a weekend and read books we have to wear our gorgeous dresses that your mother just sent you to come on live a little after all you are Juliet Capulet the daughter of the multi-billionaire," said Roslina.

But Roslina you know I hate going out and I know what you’re thinking about said Juliet looking at Rosalina.

What? What am I thinking about? Said Rosalina with a mischievous smile.

Don 't you fool me Rosalina she said shaking her head? ‘Come on Juliet let 's go to the club let 's have fun’said Rosalina with a puppy face.

Okay ..Okay.. let 's go said Juliet getting up from her armchair.
Let me get ready as you said let 's put some good use to the dresses my mother sent.There was a door across their room Juliet walked towards it and took her dresses out and finally decided on wearing a short black dress with sleeves and black stilettos whereas Rosalina decided to wear a red skirt and black shirt paired with black boots. They both walked out of Juliet 's apartment and took the cab to the best club in town.

Come on Juliet said, Rosaline. I 'm right behind you Juliet said smiling at her. They both entered the club the music causes her heart to beat the faster smell of smoke and alcohol hit her nostrils. Let 's go dance said Roslina pulling Juliet with her. They danced for a little while but Juliet was already out of breath and decided to get a drink. As she walked to the bar she saw a very handsome man.Walking towards

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