Come To Revolution Friedman Analysis

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In today’s modern society technology plays a huge role in everyday life. Technology has a big position in education. Today students use laptops for school on an everyday basis to take notes, work on assignments, and research. Many people agree that, when it comes to education, technology can either be very harmful or very helpful. Timothy D. Snyder, a history professor at the University of Yale has written five award-winning books. In Snyder’s article, “Why laptops in class are distracting America’s future workforce”, he believes that “removing laptops from the classroom gives students a chance to focus, and a chance to learn” (274). Thomas L. Friedman, who is a known author and reporter for the New York Times, would disagree with Timothy Snyder. Friedman, also an award winning author, wrote six bestselling books. Friedman argues in his article, “Come to Revolution”, that “online-only education is the solution to the problems of higher education” …show more content…

Friedman a well-known New York Times reporter/journalist would say that technology compliments education for the future. In his article “Come to Revolution”, Friedman argues that online education is potentially better than regular education. He uses many effective rhetorical strategies to make his point. Friedman does a good job of providing background and referring to reliable authorities to enhance his own credibility. In his argument he uses the people he interviews’ credentials. He interviews many professors including Andrew Ng, who is the cofounder for Coursera. Coursera is an all online higher education. Ng is a computer science professor at Stanford and explains how Coursera is the future. Ng states that he “normally teaches 400 students, but with Coursera he is able to teach 100,000 students at the same time” (278). This new education revolution is a breakthrough in our modern day society. This is starting to become more and more common due to technology being more accessible for the everyday

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