Comedy And Satire In Moonrise Kingdom

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In American society, the advent of the political cartoon allowed for the general population to talk about taboo or relevant topics whilst still being entertained. Decades later, various forms of media and stand-up comedians incorporate prevalent issues into their comedy, ultimately allowing for the American people to be informed and to communicate about some of the most important issues of their time. Some newer forms of media, such as SNL and the Colbert Report, use comedy and satire to portray a different, more important agenda. For instance, the Colbert Report recently produced a satire bit in his show called The Hungry For Power Games. In it, he compares The Hunger Games to the Presidential race. The humorous bit reveals the state of the presidential race as the mud-slinging, power grab it is, instead of a professional event based off merit. Stephen’s show transverses an ignorant silence to a knowledgeable conversation through satire and parody. Without the induction of entertaining comedy, a taboo subject, such as politics, would…show more content…
One movie, Moonrise Kingdom, employs a witty, dry comedy, but portrays a deeper, more important message. The unique movie tells of a young couple who run away together, and as their families’ desperate search for them brings them together, they can destroy the animosity between them. A movie as such uses a transparent mask of humor to cover its true message of love and forgiveness. A different film, Get Out, combines horror and comedy to address a newer form of racism, a passive form. In introducing the world to passive racism, the movie has ignited a valuable conversation in which passive racism has affected their lives, and has spiked a change in some of those lives. The comedy and satire in these movies provide entertainment, but is also the only means of slipping a taboo subject underneath the door and into our minds, ultimately guiding us to a meaningful, thoughtful
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