William Shakespeare In The Comedy Of Errors

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William shakespeare is an idol for most if not all english scholars, professors, and teachers. Shakespeare’s most famous fourteen comedies and twelve tragedies really outline the way modern literature is written and perceived. A lot of modern films and books are based around the same theme or plot that shakespeare introduced to theatre almost 400 years ago. Shakespeare's play The Comedy of Errors is a masterpiece due to its entertaining comedic characters throughout and the confusing, hilarious plot. William shakespeare is believed to have been born in april near the 23rd, 1564, the reason that this is believed to be his date of birth is because he was baptized on the 26th. Shakespeare's father, John, worked as a leather merchant, while his…show more content…
From just the character list there are two sets of identical twins with the same name that have been separated there entire life. The father of the story, Egon, also has been separated from his wife for many years just to have his only son that he has lived with leave him for seven years upon reaching adulthood. Another theme for the story would have to be family. Antipholus of syracuse is longing to find out where his brother is to finally meet and reunite with him. In the same sense Egon is a lot the same, as he has lost both his son and wife. At the end of the story the whole family is reunited and filled with joy to be able to be called a family again, which makes the theme even more apparent that their family is reunited and they have all found their true identities (LitCharts LLC). The three major symbols and images in The Comedy of Errors are money, water, and geography or travel. Imagery of water is in the first speech from Egeon, water is also what stands between the separated family. From the listing of the characters the only way you can tell which of the brothers is which is by listing the city or state they are from. Ephesus is full of merchants and traders and this means that the play couldn't go on without mentioning the word money. the comedy of errors uses the word money more than any other play (Shmoop Editorial

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