Comedy Elements In Minna Von Barnhelm

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Gotthold Ephraim Lessing 's Minna von Barnhelm or Soldiers Fortune is a Lustpiel. As suggested in its name, a Lustspiel is a comedy. The play is introduced as ein Lustspiel in fȕnf Aufzȕgen verfertiget im Jahre 1763. (Lessing 2012) Lessing combines tragedy and comedy in the sentimental comedy. The sentimental comedy is that Tellheim must overcome his moral trials which include bribing the saxons and feeling he is unworthy of Minna 's love. It is for this reason that the play falls into line with the comedies of the Deutsche Schaubȕhne and can ultimately be categorized as a comedy. Minna von Barnhelm has been hailed by the Goethe institution as “ein glänzendes Meteor” and has been claimed as the greatest comedy in the German Language. In accordance to this information, it has also been disputed whether or not the humor lies within the characters or the plot. One may argue that, as the reader studies this play is becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the humorous scenes through the interaction of the characters. This essay will critically examine and discuss the comedic elements of Lessing’s Minna von Barnhelm. Lessing has been named one of the major comedy play writers in German literature. This may be as a result of his theories in the Hamburgische Dramaturgie. His theories in regards to laughter are recorded in this collection of theatre reviews and evident are in Minna von Barnhelm. In the twenty-eight section in the Dramaturgie he sets about differentiating between
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