Comedy Role In Lysistrata

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Lysistrata is the most dirtiest, obscene and comical Athenian drama written by Aristophanes. It was written during 450-385 BCE and considered one of his best work. He began his career in 427 BCE with the play, Daitaleis, a satire play on educational and moral theories. He has written about forty plays in his lifetime. He is the only comic poet from the 15th century whose works has survived. His works combine the most basic kind of humor with political or social satire, parodies, and allusions or fantasy. During this time, he writes satirical plays or writings that criticize the government and its wars. He was considered as a comic dramatist in which he lived in the small city of Athens. He also knew lots of lead writers, philosophers and politicians back then, especially to those who he satirized on his works. He was marginally successful and won first prize in several dramatic competitions. Aristophanes can be considered as a traditionalist or conservative throughout his career. His works date back to the years from the Peloponnesian War in which, he uses as a theme for his comedic plays, same goes with the new thinkers and revolutionaries. He thinks that the new thinkers and revolutionaries are responsible for the decline of traditional moral values. As he suggests in his own plays, he doesn 't like new revolutionary ideas that break these values. For instance, in most of his plays, the protagonist breaks the status quo in order to achieve remarkable results. In the story

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