Comelia's Behavior Scenario

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Ms. Compton reported that she does not let things get to her. She reported that she takes things as they come and let go of what cannot be changed. Ms. Compton reported a stressful time in her life was when Comelia first came in the home; she was trying to assist with so many behaviors. Ms. Compton reported that Comelia’s behavior has gotten better. She reported that Comelia attends behavior therapy and does a great job. Ms. Compton reported that adding a child would make the home busier; however, she will be able to handle it. She wants the child to adjust and be comfortable in the home. Ms. Compton reported that her hobbies and interests are going to the movies, museum, and church and working out. She reported including Comelia in her activities…show more content…
Compton resides at 16106 Pipers Landing Ct. in Missouri City, Texas. This is a single family home that is approximately 2,660 square feet and consists of four bedrooms (one downstairs and three upstairs), two and a half baths, a living room, family room, formal dining room, laundry room, kitchen, detached two-car garage and a gated backyard. The interviewer walked through the entire home. At this time, the home has two occupants, Ms. Compton and Comelia. Ms. Compton occupies the master bedroom (downstairs) and the second bedroom is used as an office. The third bedroom is the guest bedroom, which consists of a queen-sized bed and the fourth bedroom is Comelia’s bedroom. Comelia’s bedroom is nicely decorated in pink and lime green. She has a daybed and crib that would be used for her sister Amber. There is a walk in closet, dressers, television and a customized rocking chair with Comelia’s name engraved. The rooms are neat, clean and have adequate space. Ms. Compton reported that although her room is located downstairs, she sleeps upstairs in the guestroom when Comelia is…show more content…
There is a park located one street over from the home. There is adequate space for the child to play safely inside and outside the home. The home outdoor equipment does not have any openings or angles that can entangle the child’s clothing or entrap her body parts. All flammable/ poisonous, tools and medication are stored properly and out of the reach of children and are on the top pantry shelf located in the kitchen. There are two smoke detectors downstairs and four upstairs. The home has two fire extinguishers, one on each level and a fire escape ladder located in the guest bedroom. The home is free of rodents and insects. Exits in living areas are not blocked by furniture. The home also has plenty of food and running cold and hot water. Ms. Compton has the ability to provide a safe home environment for the child. Overall, the physical appearance of the home is in very good condition; the equipment and furniture are kept clean, in good repair, and is safe for children. Ms. Compton appears to be stable from viewing her ten-year residence

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