Comfort Zone Scholarship Essay

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In my community, my plan to give back is by encouraging students to come out of their comfort zone and teach them the significance of education. If I describe my experiences of how I come out of my shell and the opportunities that came because of it to them, my hope is that they will be motivated to do the same. As I explain my experiences, I want to also tell them about how and why their education is relevant and how fortunate they are to receive it. Before, I was a quiet, shy boy who rarely escaped my comfort zone; I had meager self-confidence and did not feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. Now that I am a high school senior, I am the complete opposite of my former self. I can easily venture away from my comfort zone, be a risk taker, and I have higher self-confidence. I am more comfortable speaking in front of and meeting new people. I converse with my teachers if I do not understand a topic or ask for additional assistance; I possess the courage to ask questions during class. I engage in a number of school clubs, events, and am involved in numerous community service projects that I never thought I would do or even enjoy. The person I am now is not afraid to face…show more content…
It could mean the difference between having a low self of esteem and confidence and being able to manage anything the world might throw at them. During my eleven-and-a-half years in school, I have heard classmates and friends say that they dislike school and how some of the lessons taught is not going to help them life; they had an uncaring attitude. I always had a hard time understanding why they would say, why did not care, or want to take advantage of the education they are receiving. I do not want the students in my community to have the same mindset as my friends and classmates. Instead, my desire for them is to be grateful and thankful for their learning, to develop a mindset of appreciation for their
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