Misunderstood Art Forms Of Comics

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Comics is one of the most misunderstood art forms. There are many definitions of what a comic can be, many forms comics can take, and a more significant history to comics than one would expect. Many misconceptions surround comics and what a comic is, such as the perception of the stereotypical comic strip of a superhero saving the day; I myself never honestly gave comics a second thought and accepted this idea of them. Being able to define and understand comics brings a new light on the significance of them and how they mimic society. “Comics are what people call comics.” Eddie Campbell gave comics this definition because he believed other definitions, such as R.C. Harvey’s or Scott McCloud’s, were too formal and excluded certain pieces of art. A common way to think of comics is pictures juxtaposed with words to tell a story. There are many different forms a comic can take, including editorial, magazine, cartoons, comic strip, comic book, graphic novel, manga, and online. All of those are different genres in comics, however, comics are not a genre themselves; comics are a medium, which can be any means in which an art form is expressed. Certain comics, like Calvin and Hobbes, are frequently overlooked because they don’t fit the stereotype, and the idea that comics is not its own genre but a style that is used in…show more content…
Major comic publications and supporters have always, or at least for the most part, been located centrally in New York City. Marvel Universe, D.C. Comics, and MAD magazine were all large contributors to the world of comics, producing and specializing in printing and creating comics, and are all originally located here. Also, comic stories are set in large cities, where there is crime and drama, and often when drawn out that includes large buildings. The skyscrapers in these stories create a look that we automatically identify as the iconic Manhattan skyline. The Marvel Universe is heavily tied
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