Coming Of Age: An Analysis Of Choice By Dave Sanderson

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Dave Sanderson is a teenager soon to become a man, not treated with much respect Dave decides he needs to prove his self to his fellow coworkers, boss, and parents that he is in fact grown, and he has a plan on exactly how to achieve this task. 'The coming of age ' a major theme in this story, for Dave is a phase that every individual has to experience. He is eager to grow up and gain respect, which we all were too. Dave decides to buy a gun, which he thinks will prove to everyone that he is now grown, although this wasn 't the case the gun gave Dave a somewhat sense of 'Power ' another major theme in the story. Getting the gun was a 'Choice ' he made with the possibility of proving that he is a 'Man, and his Masculinity ' two other…show more content…
Majority of the story was spend inside the head of a teenager looking out. The story is very heavy on the brashness and light on self-awareness. Dave actions throughout depicts this, he was hasty to get the gun to prove his point. The way he pleaded to his mother for the money to get the gun, and then couldn 't wait to get a chance to take it out a sense of power over throwing that of childhood making him feel more mature and more of a man. Dave is also headstrong, which is quite normal for a person of his age and that specific phase and time in life. Even after killing Jenny, and getting out of it Dave actions and behavior points to this. All these actions may depict Dave as a not very likeable person, however moral of the story is showing us why it is so important for maturity to take place. For the most part the story is written in a very naturalistic style. There is not much time spend in description, but rather paving the way and letting Dave emotions and thinking of what is going on around him take primary stands in the story. Richard Wright whenever he writes a piece is very much concerned with primarily symbolic undertones of everyday life. Things that are in fact real and could happen due to the action of a certain play, and not a world where anything can happen he tries his very best to construct his stories and recreate the picture of the world as it is. Whenever we are not inside Dave 's head we still get a feeling of being participants this helps the reader…show more content…
This is the story, its stars out by Dave a seventeen year old who is a kid but thinks he should be treated with more respect (Exposition). In a way of getting this respect Dave decides to purchase a gun (Rising Action). Dave arrives to work early eager for some target practice, in doing so the recoil of the gun is too strong for him, and so he accidentally shots Jenny (Climax). Dave made a cover story for this unfortunate incident, which Mr. Hawkins his boss see right through immediately (Falling Action). Dave accesses the situation and weighs his option, stay and accept his faith, or leave and make his own new faith. Dave decides to

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