Crystal Stars Have Begun To Shine Poem Analysis

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Can people be fully mature? Many teeangers and adults think they are mature and can control many things. Here are two literary works that show how people are not fully mature as they thought. A short story “Crystal Stars Have Begun to Shine” by Martha Brooks and a poem “12 years old” by Kim Stockwood deal with the maturity of people. Each has written about the speaker’s experiences of growing up to become adults. Although they share similar theme, which is about the coming of age, each has portrayed the theme in different ways. Both “Crystal Stars Have Begun to Shine” and “12 years old” support the same theme, “coming of age” by struggles and expriences during relationships. However, each has different tone and way of showing the theme.…show more content…
The short story has expressed the theme through a character’s first exprience of sexuality. “I never knew this would be so embarrassing! I can’t watch them anymore so I turn around to Brad who still is”(page 4). Deidre feels very embarrassed by watching her dad having conversation with Rita. Even though she thought she is mature, she gets the sense that she is yet imature since it is her first time exploring sexuality. Meanwhile, the theme of poem is portrayed by an adult having a conflict with another person. “How can it be that you’re so vain And how can it be that I am such a pain”(line 10-11). The speaker blames “you” about making her feel despair. Although she says that she feels like 12 years old and needs help, she later accepts that it is learning about life. Thus, the theme of coming of age is shown through different expriences of the speakers. “Crystal Stars Have Begun to Shine” and “12 years old” both extremely well portrayed the concept of coming of age. “Crystal Stars Have Begun to Shine” portrays the theme by a speaker exploring sexuality for the first time with hopeful mood. “12 years old” portrays the theme by a conflict of an adult with despair mood. Both “Crystal Stars Have Begun to Shine” and “12 years old” teach us that we should continuously learn how to become mature and to deal with problems regardless of
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