Coming Of Age Examples

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Coming of Age Coming of age is not just learning to walk, or how to brush your teeth, or learning how to write your name, it is also the things people experience along the way. For example, making friends, putting themselves in other people's shoes or taking risks and learning from them are all ways people mature. Coming of age is gaining perspective on the things around you. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a MockingBird Scout is an example of a character whose coming-of-age process involves gaining a different perspective. After a long first couple of days in school, Scout had a misunderstanding with her teacher, Miss Caroline. Miss Caroline had told Scout that she was “too smart” and that she should tell Atticus to stop reading to her. That day…show more content…
Everyone wants a big group of friends, and in “Beautiful Brains” David Dobb says, “The urge to meet more people, for instance, can create a wider circle of friends, which generally makes us healthier, happier, safer, and more successful”. Dobbs is explaining that through the experience of finding new friends, people gain a new perspective on life and how others succeed. As they become older, they grow to be their own person and the friends they have represented the quality of life that he or she may want. Risk taking , in teens, also helps them learn from serious mistakes he or she will realize what they have done and learn from their mistakes. In this article, Dobbs, says “We court risk more avidly as teens than at any other time”. The teenage years are the greatest point in coming-of-age. As teenagers take risks they learn from them whether they are good or bad and use it to become smarter and more successful. Coming-of-age is a beautiful thing, and learning, making new friends, and taking risks are many of the things you have to go through to grow
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